Inch Wildfowl Reserve Looped Path


Inch Wildfowl Reserve is situated to the east of Lough Swilly, approximately 8 km to the south of Buncrana. It supports a wide diversity of wintering waterfowl, notably swans and geese, as well as breeding terns, gulls, waders and duck.

Looped Walk

Visitors can view birds from the 8km looped path around the lake or from one of three bird hides open to the public. The site is open 365 days a year for you to enjoy and there is no charge for admission.

Guided Tour


Pump House Car Park

If you were standing here 200 years ago you would be either stuck in the mud or under the waters of Lough Swilly. The farmland behind you was reclaimed from the sea over 160 years ago and has become some of the richest farmland in the country. more…

Tready Hide

Tready Hide

Did you know the path you have been walking was once part of the railwayline from Derry to Letterkenny. Imagine the spectacle of viewing this landscape from the inside of a railway carriage. more…

Farland Car Park

Farland Carpark

When the Reclamation project was started in the mid 19th century three embankments were created. the Tready embankment, the Farland embankment and the Inch embankment. more…

Farland Bank Hide

Farland Bank Hide

The Farland Bank hide is located on Inch Island which was connected to the mainland in the mid 19th century land reclamation project. more…

McGrath's Car Park


This area is known locally as McGraths, a common local name. This part of the island has been a busy place for hundreds if not thousands of years and is where the old public road connected Inch Island to the mainland. This road was only accessible at low tide. more…

Bank End Boardwalk

Bank End

As you enter the wet woodland boardwalk you are immersed in a new wet woodland habitat. Listen to singing birds both in the trees and from the reeds and sedges on the lake edge. more…

Fowler's Embankment


The Fowler family took up residence here around the time the embankments were built in the med 19th century. more…

Tooban Hide

Tooban Hide

As you have walked back from Inch Island towards Tooban you have enjoyed walking along the old Buncrana to Derry railway line. more…

Tractor and Combine Harvester

Grianan Farm

the Grianan Farm was created from the extensive mudflats and saltmarsh of Lough Swilly over 160 years ago. more…